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Introducing DCCC Corporate Member DK Company

Dear DCCC members and friends,

We have the pleasure to introduce to you DK Company.

Since its inception in 2001, DK Company has grown to become one of Europe’s

leading suppliers of fashion and lifestyle brands catering to men and women.

DK Company celebrated its 20 th anniversary with a record result of DKK 612

million (120 million CAD) before tax, based on record revenue of DKK 3.9 billion

(767 million CAD) a growth rate of 20%.

Today DK Company employs 2,400 people all over the world, and our business

offers fashion based on value for money and luxury for less. Our efficient and

cost-conscious supply chain ensures competitive prices with a wide range of

fashion brands that appeal to customers all over the world.

With offices in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, DK Company Canada has

developed a network of distributors from Nova Scotia to Yukon. DK Company’s

commitment for quality products has conquered Canadian consumers and our

reach in the Great White North is growing every year.


DK Company’s success is built on the fundamental belief that business

relationships are like any other relationship - requiring effort, attention, honesty,

and respect - in order to be mutually beneficial. In our supply chain of DESIGN –

PLAN – MAKE – SOURCE - DELIVER, there are a multitude of relationships with

our suppliers and manufacturers to our internal staff of operations to our

customers and our end consumers. Each and every aspect, department and

person contribute value and an essential function to not only complete the

process, but also sustain the business. Our primary goal is to constantly develop.

Develop ourselves, develop our employees, develop our partners.

This, we believe, is what creates long-term relationships that can weather any

storm. That is why we’ve created, ‘The Blooming Concept.’ A new way to identify

with our supply chain – understanding what each area represents and how each

area affects the process as a whole.


Our customers and consumers are the single most important factor in keeping

our business alive and thriving. They are the ‘pollination’ that feeds our company

and helps us reproduce. The value we’re able to offer to our customers and

consumers is built on high quality, consistent best practices, reliable partnerships

and affordable fashion for all. We’re able to measure our success through these

relationships and continually maintain healthy turnover and sell-through.

Relationships to the market don’t always occur as organically as the relationship

between a bee and a flower. That is why DK Company attends to our business as

carefully as we do. Because, when it’s nourished properly, the result is much like

a Blossoming Flower.


There will always be elements involved that may result in a flower leafing out but

never producing its buds and blossoms. This is why every part of the process

must work together in order to adapt to its environment. If our root system is

functioning correctly and the stem is strong enough to support the overall

structure – our company and our brands will grow into beautiful, healthy

blossoms. We understand that the temperature of the market demands

thoughtfulness and flexibility in our approach. Which is the exact reason we’ve

developed a multi-brand strategy. With currently 20 in DK Company’s portfolio,

15 of which are distributed in Canada, we’re able to attract more customers and

consumers and weather the harsh elements of the economy.


Our employees are the backbone of our business and our brands. They function

similarly to the stem and leaves of a flower – providing support and the structure

necessary to allow the business to flourish and achieve its greatest potential. We

believe in growing our employees, granting them accountability and the power

they need to thrive, and offer mentoring programs to ensure they’re continually

developing themselves intellectually, mentally and even physically. We also like

to throw the occasional rockin’ party to let loose!


DK Company’s root system is the anchor of our business. An integral and

sophisticated web of suppliers whom we rely on to manufacture and deliver

quality goods connected to the market’s demand for timeliness and consistency.

In order to obtain a competitive advantage in the market, it is crucial to maintain long-term relationships with our suppliers. The longer we’ve been doing business together, the more organized and efficient our root system becomes.

Importing this win-win philosophy in Canada, has proven incredibly successful and we’re committed to thoughtfully growing our presence in the Canadian ready-to-wear landscape. With fifteen brands distributed across Canada, we cater to a wide variety of public and taste. From fashion forward and cool to classic and refined.

There’s something for every occasion. Here’s a brief view of the brands that can currently be found in Canada:


Kaffe provides the natural feminine woman with a modern Scandinavian style.

Timeless classics with beautiful feminine details. Our great fabrics, fits and versatile styles offer an effortless and refined look.


KAFFE Curve is created for women who are confident and who dare to be themselves. We celebrate diversity and we target women who love uncomplicated fashion - accessible in both prices, shapes and distribution.


Cream is an ambitious global maker of unique bohemian fashion. They sell the love of details and the right styles, at the right time. The collections are feminine and cool mixed with a bohemian vibe and lovely details. Easy to wear and easy to love.


Culture embraces all things strange and beautiful: clever and ingenious artifacts.

Fascination, down-to-earth luxury, authenticity and renewal - these are the mantras that serve as a foundation for the brand and the essence of the designs.


Fransa primarily focuses on women who like to be feminine and well dressed.

Through a great knowledge of trend, shape, quality and look Fransa fulfils the wishes of the

contemporary women perfectly.


The b.young woman is in the 30+ segment, Part of the mainstream, but still conscious of her

appearance. She’s found her way in life. Settled down – but never about to settle for less. She stays active. Convenience is important to her – she runs a tight schedule. Quality, comfort and price are musts.


Blend is serving only the real rich people. Rich in what matters. Rich in love, purpose, passion,

friendship, laughter and adventure.

Actually everything that comes almost for free. Just like Blend’s simplified denim collections.

Free from fake branding and morals. Full of craftmanship and perfect fits.


ICHI has delivered high quality pieces in an accessible price range for almost two decades.

Through creativity and skilled craftsmanship ICHI leaves a mark with their customers, connects with them and delivers success in an ever-changing market


Casual Friday is a modern, smart casual and contemporary fashion brand for men capturing the essence of clean Scandinavian lifestyle. With its own designed silhouettes and a special eye for details, Casual Friday make youthful and powerful clothing with a rebellious twist.


Atelier Rêve is a French-inspired clothing universe that pays homage to and embraces women and their dreams. The ambition is that one should feel beautiful and unique in their clothes.


The In Wear woman is modern, curious and ambitious while at the same time feminine and well-dressed. She looks good, and leaves a confident and positive impression on the people she meets.


Matinique provides the modern man with the wardrobe to lead a confident and enjoyable life in the city. We create fashionable collections blending formal and casual looks with high quality and affordability. With 50 years of experience, Matinique is the urban man’s preferred brand.

Our designs are masculine, sharp, modern, and functional with great attention to fabrics, a

perfect fit, and craftsmanship.


Soaked in Luxury Copenhagen based label with a conscious approach for urban, chic women who want sophisticated fashion at affordable prices. With pieces that brighten up the closet and that you can rely on season after season, Soaked in Luxury’s aesthetic is feminine and vibrant with a love for glamour yet grounded by tailored silhouettes.


Part Two designs feminine styles often combined with boho inspired elements, but also favours the classic lines from male tailoring. Outfits can be dressed up and down, casual femininity is the key word. When wearing Part Two it is possible to look classic and modern at the same time– an understated look with lots of confidence is a true Part Two look. 


Saint Tropez was established in 1986 in the seaside village of Hornbæk – Denmark’s equivalent to Saint Tropez, France – as a dynamic high-street fashion brand.

Today, Saint Tropez is an international brand designed in Denmark and sold all over Europe.

The collections always have a feminine touch and reflect the latest fashion trends.

For more information, please visit

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