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DCCC Network

DCCC Public Partner

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The Trade Council helps small and large enterprises to foster innovation, start exporting and expand their activities to new markets. The Danish missions in Canada is your company’s short-cut to local expert knowledge. Export counselling from The Trade Council’s advisory teams is delivered by specialised sales and technical-oriented advisers who can help increase your company’s exports. We also offer an incubator scheme in Toronto, where give your company an easy and straightforward way to lease affordable space at the Consulate General of Denmark in Toronto. The Trade Council also creates strategic business alliances to help your company achieve results through tailored export counselling and promotion of turn-key solutions. More info here.

DCCC Extended Network

Working With the Best

The Danish Canadian Chamber of Commerce which works to promote relations and business development between Canada, Denmark and the European Union (EU).  DCCC has a broad network which extends to the EU Chamber of Commerce (EUCCAN), an umbrella organization of 27 EU member state chambers of commerce, based in Toronto and founded to strengthen economic ties between Canada and Europe. More info here.

Copenhagen Capacity

Copenhagen Capacity is the official organisation for attracting international companies, investors and professional talent to Denmark and the Greater Copenhagen Region. More info here - with link to

Danes Worldwide 

The Association for International Danes.


Danes Worldwide’s staff members work diligently to make it easier to be a “global Dane” living and working outside Denmark for any length of time. "We make it easier for you to get settled in the new country – and harder to forget where you came from." More info here - with link to

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