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"Women's fighting Day"

March 8th is Internatinal Women's Day, or "Women's fighting Day" in Danish, and our fight and journey continues.

Danish men income was 12.2% higher than women's in 2022, according to the World Economic Forum, it will take a 257 years at the current pace to close the global financial gender gap!

This week the Canadian Chamber of Commerce published “Barely Breaking Ground: The Slow Stride of Progress for Women in Business Leadership and Entrepreneurship” showing that in 2023 women made 88 cents to the dollar relative to men in the same occupations. And the share of women directors in Canada only increased by 3 percentage points between 2016 and 2020, resulting in a dismal showing of 21% of all positions.

"A strategy without inclusivity is a bridge to nowhere; it's time to put intention into action. The "Barely Breaking Ground" report underscores the critical need for inclusive leadership and diversity in decision-making roles. The slow pace of progress is a call to action for us all. At Competent Boards, we're deeply committed to deepening boardroom conversations globally on these issues. Our approach isn't about ticking boxes; it's about real, impactful dialogues with global peers that foster sustainable business growth. We believe in creating safe spaces where leaders can openly discuss and learn from each other, driving genuine change that not only meets but anticipates the needs of future society." Said Helle Bank Jørgensen, CEO and Founder, Competent Boards and DCCC Director.

Our fight continues, but today serves as a reminder of the incredible contributions women have made throughout history, across all facets of society. A day to celebrate Women’s achievements and take acton for a gender equal world.

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