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Welcome DCCC SMB Member Pilgrim North America Inc.!

Pilgrim A/S’s story begins in Århus, summer 1983, then-student, Annemette Markvad, translated her great love for minimalism, art, music, and people into a collection of handmade jewellery. She sold her collection at local music festivals throughout Scandinavia and Germany. Festival after festival, women all over Northern Europe were flocking to her designs, and the brand quickly grew in popularity.

Today, Pilgrim is at the forefront of the international jewellery scene. A well-known and respected brand recognized worldwide for its signature scandinavian universe of jewellery and sunglasses - all made by hand, heart, and mind - and primarily from recycled materials. True to where we come from, Pilgrim designs reflect a well-travelled world of jewellery crossing borders and cultures, while remaining true to its Danish heritage.

Pilgrim has 7 boutiques and piercing stations in Quebec and Ontario (Toronto), Pilgirm's in-house certified piercers offer gentle and quick-healing needle piercings. You can get pierced and receive a stylish stainless-steel earring set in all of our stores. Secure your appointment today.

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