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Competent Boards gives DCCC a tree!

We are thrilled to share the great news - DCCC has a tree!

On June 5th, in honour of World Environment Day, Competent Boards plante a tree on our organization's behalf. Please see your tree certificate below.

To make this truly meaningful and lifelong gift possible, Competent Boards has partnered with Evertreen, a UK-based organization that enables users to plant real trees all over the world. These trees are planted and taken care of directly by local farmers and bring significant environmental, social, and economic benefits to local communities. Each tree is certified, can be physically visited, monitored in real-time via satellite, or even virtually donated to a third party.

About DCCC's Tree:

You can check the progress of the tree at our DCCC's own personalized forest page here: Competent Boards Trees

Anyone can also contribute to our forest by gifting us a tree (or many trees!) Simply visit the same link and enter our unique forest code 538 at checkout to help us make our planet greener!

Competent Boards’ collaboration with Evertreen is an important step in helping us make a positive impact on the environment.

To learn more about Evertreen’s tree-planting process, visit Evertreen.

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