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Message from the Chair

Dear all,

Last year the Danish Canadian Chamber of Commerce set out on a mission seeing us revamp our approach and philosophy.

Our aim is adding value across the Canadian business landscape, becoming a central actor in Danish Canadian related events and networking.


Catching up from an era of lockdowns, membership fees for 2023 were made complimentary to further boost interest and reach.

A few noteworthy events in ’23 include our Constitution Day events, Danish Canadian Chamber Networking events, hosting (and winning) the 13th installment of the Nordic golf tournament, Julefrokost and many others. A big thank you to all our partners and sponsors that helped make our events a success.  


For 2024 we have an even busier calendar scheduled with more in person events, interactivity, amplified social media presence, member spotlights and DCCC reaching towards a broader and larger audience. This in the interest of benefitting our members, sponsors and friends of DCCC.  


In order for DCCC to achieve this, we do need your help and rely on your support! Memberships are no longer free, however reasonably priced.

Our foundation for greater value addition, is growing stronger by the day and the more united we stand, the stronger and faster will we be able grow.


Join us in supporting up around the Danish Canadian Chamber of Commerce for 2024 and onwards, on our mission to becoming a principal and central network, supporting, and representing our members and their interests.  

Follow this link and sign up for 2024 😊


Thank you in advance and looking forward to seeing you in 2024.


Martin Roos


Danish Canadian Chamber of Commerce

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